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The Outdoor Buffet is a website for the outdoor and travel enthusiast. My family and I love to travel and see all the diverse, scenic beauty across America - and this website is all about our experiences in the great outdoors.  

We are just your average American family that loves to travel! In The Outdoor Buffet we've have included both
personal travel experiences of what we've learned as we have traveled all across the United States, and provided information to help you plan your own family vacation. We hope you find the information helpful.

If you're planning an upcoming family vacation and want travel ideas and information, this is your site. Whether you are planning to see the beauty of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and Wyoming, the desert areas of Arizona and Utah, or the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee - we have something for everyone.

If you love the beach, we've got a lot of good information for you as well. Visit each travel page to
find details of many of our trips, and tips of things to do and see when traveling with your family.

Visit the "Travel Odds and Ends" page, as it provides travel itineraries, National and State Park information, hotel information, places to eat, places to see, and much more. 

This is a work in progress, so visit the site often as I will be adding pages and updating information regularly.

Visit our Outdoor Store for great camping, hiking, outdoor clothing, hunting and fishing products. If you need help finding  vacation lodging, we have links for that too! (hotels, condominiums and vacation homes)

I have provided links on this page for both Amazon.com and Family Christian Stores. If you need to get the kids (or yourself) a book, CD or DVD, just click on the links for a variety of options. Believe me, this is important for long trips.

Be safe as you hit the road and have a great time!

Click on the link below for a great family vacation planner:

Vacation Planner

Folks, check out the following site:

Road Trip Planner

This is one of the best sites to help you plan a great family vacation, or a great family road trip.

Finally, click on the link below to get a great Family Vacation Planning Spread Sheet. This is a great help in getting organized for your trip.

Trip Planner Spread Sheet

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